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Like a thief in the night,
with the speed of a gazelle,
the creature's howl spreads fright,
like a beast born straight out of hell.
the beast stalks the unwary,
watches and lies in wait.
those that become aware of this find it rather scary,
those who don't meet a terrible fate.
Stay inside on the night of the full moon.
For that's when it is teeming with power,
Be wary of this night for it's coming soon.
Those who don't heed this warning will be dead upon the hour.
However none will be safe
On the night of the werewolf.
A poem about a werewolf Im not so sure about the ending though I think I need to change it....
I should have seen it from the start,
but instead I've only wounded my heart.
I told her I was over her,
but lying certainly didn't make me feel smart.
why were my feelings given out with ease?
and knowing your taken now brings me to my knees
being afraid of how you'd react, I never told you how I felt
but good lord how you made my heart melt
Now in the dark I sadly know,
There is no greater pain then letting her go.
Letting her go
Another poem more recent then time and grief this one was a little awhile after I found out time and grief was written after it was all over 
Sunrise to sunset,
I think back to the day we met.
like fire burns and rain is wet,
The day you left I'll never forget.
day to night,
memories of you bring tears I cannot fight.
like the dark can be filled by light,
I miss your smile so bright.
Summer to spring,
your voice in my mind does ring.
like the stars come out at night,
I fear I cannot win the fight.
spring to fall,
In the end was it truly worth it all?
Like the wind blows and the wise man knows,
The agony on my face shows,
January to September,
Good times are even sad to remember.
Like deserts are dry and the sky is blue,
By God I thought Id never get over you.
September to May,
Finally I see it start to fade away.
Like the five stages of grief,
I breathe a deep sigh of relief,
and say I never thought I'd see the day.
Time and grief
Gloomy :sad: this poem I wrote when I found out the girl I liked in high school moved away gave birth to a kid and got married it literally took me a long time to get over her I felt I was going to lose my mind but I didn't and in all honesty I feel she inspired this poem so I have that to thank her for
DENIAL is where it does start
your mind isn't willing to accept a broken heart
ANGER is close behind
hatred towards the person here, won't be hard to find.
BARGAINING is stage three
you'll be willing to make a deal to prevent the loss of your mind
and DEPRESSION is the worst of all,
crying, sadness, and misery, will try to make you fall.
ACCEPTANCE is the reward for getting through the tough times you fought.
You'll want to stand on a mountain and cry; Is that all you got?!
Ive been so busy with school and trying to get my youtube channel back up and running again I havent had time to post anything on my deviantart channel sorry everyone Im just so busy lately Eventually I will get back to it though I just need more time Im sorry its been far too long 



Guy guerine
United States
My dream is to be an author like steven king or R.L. stine, I am 20 years old and currently attending college, and I love art! I really do. I appreciate musical art the most but I love visual art as well I like to take time and really admire a work of art idc who its by or what its depicting (as long as its not porn) I will give you my unbiased opinion and be unnervingly fair when I give my comments or opinion

Favourite genre of music: I love them all but rock and roll and metal will always be my favorite
Favourite style of art: anime
MP3 player of choice: iPOD
Favourite cartoon character: Vegeta dbz, or Broly DBZ

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